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I'm not a bitchy person. I'm really not, though I do tend to rant on here a bit. I mean, I work in Customer Service as a RV rentals sales person if i was a bitch i wouldn't have a job. I completely get that when you rent something you want everything to be working, I would want the same thing. And I get that if something breaks before you even leave for your trip that your going to be upset. But DON"T sit in my office and yell at me when its not my unit and I'm trying to help you! 

This gentleman picked up a motorhome from one of our other locations yesterday. Got it home and is packing it last night when he can't get the fridge to work. He calls the emergency number, which is to MY location, and the tech tells him to come to my location in the morning to see about fixing it. Okay thats fine, he comes in and my service manager takes a look at it. Comes and tells me, I'm the rental manager here, that the fridge is shot and needs a new one. I don't have anything else for this guy, because duh its a week before 4th of July. So I tell him we're going to get him a new one. Which we do, out of a new unit that we had on the lot. It takes a little time of course because we had to install it and whatnot. Which mind you, its completely free for the customer cause its not his fault these things happen and we're being nice cause it's not even a rental from our store. The guy then procedes to yell at me about it for 10 minutes straight! Um I'm sorry, what exactly do you want ME to do? I didn't rent you this unit, its not mine, and its really not my fault this is happening. I'm trying to HELP you. I don't work out of that location, yes we are all the same company but we do things differently since we are different stores!

~~~Wow, its been a while since I've posted...working 50 hours a week plus barn time will do that too ya I guess. I've been trying to keep up with the friends list...I'm not real active lately, sorry everyone!

Date: 2010-06-26 07:44 pm (UTC)
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What an ass.
Good to see you, though. :D

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Unfortunately, I think that's pretty typical. You have to be thick skinned to survive in customer service. Just don't take it personally. It's really not.


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