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So I am still alive....mostly, lol. RL has been busy busy which adds to how horrible I am about actually updating. I'm still around, keeping up on the friend's list on the weekends! I graduated the beginning of this month with my Master's degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies , with an emphasis in Recreation Therapy. It is such an amazing career path, I am so glad that I decided I didn't want PT anymore. I took my certification exam and passed that as well (thank god!) so once I finish my internship I can practice....and get a job that I can hopefully support myself with.

To be able to get my letters (CTRS) and be able to practice, I have to complete a 12 week internship. I'm doing it at a facility that works with clients how have had a traumatic brain injury and/or a spinal cord injury. I'm 2 weeks into it and it is so much fun! In what other job could I get paid to take clients to the Zoo or to a movie?

Also I'm very excited that I am pretty much done with school. I enjoyed grad school, and got to be a grad assistant and teach which was an amazing opportunity. And I met some wonderful people and made some great friend. But it will be nice not to have to worry about homework, or working and going to school at the same time. Course that means I'll have to start paying back my loans soon....which I don't even want to think about, lol
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Sad day for Doctor Who fans....Elisabeth Sladen died this morning. Sarah Jane was one of my favorite companions and I was so happy to see her again in Series 2. I was hoping they would bring her back again with Eleven, but didn't get the chance.

This is two Classic!Who companions in a year.....:(

RIP Sarah Jane...We'll miss you always.
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Hello 2011!!  Here's to hoping that the new year will be a wonderful one :)

To start things off on a wonderful note, I got a kitty today :) (As you can tell I'm still rather excited lol)

Shes a 3 year old calico that I adopted from Petsmart this afternoon. If I can figure out coding I'll post some pics.....

She is currently nameless since I don't really like Greta....but I'm leaning towards Sadie
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So really? If you make an appointment at 1, that means show up at 1. Not at 3 or 4 or whatever the hell time you feel like it! Do you make an appointment at the doctors or the dentists and tell them you'll be there between 1 and 6? Would they stand for it? No! Then why should we?? Grrrrr

On a much happier note, I move in to my apartment on Friday! Course that means I have less then 2 weeks in which to move into my apartment before grad school starts....
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I'm not a bitchy person. I'm really not, though I do tend to rant on here a bit. I mean, I work in Customer Service as a RV rentals sales person if i was a bitch i wouldn't have a job. I completely get that when you rent something you want everything to be working, I would want the same thing. And I get that if something breaks before you even leave for your trip that your going to be upset. But DON"T sit in my office and yell at me when its not my unit and I'm trying to help you! 

This gentleman picked up a motorhome from one of our other locations yesterday. Got it home and is packing it last night when he can't get the fridge to work. He calls the emergency number, which is to MY location, and the tech tells him to come to my location in the morning to see about fixing it. Okay thats fine, he comes in and my service manager takes a look at it. Comes and tells me, I'm the rental manager here, that the fridge is shot and needs a new one. I don't have anything else for this guy, because duh its a week before 4th of July. So I tell him we're going to get him a new one. Which we do, out of a new unit that we had on the lot. It takes a little time of course because we had to install it and whatnot. Which mind you, its completely free for the customer cause its not his fault these things happen and we're being nice cause it's not even a rental from our store. The guy then procedes to yell at me about it for 10 minutes straight! Um I'm sorry, what exactly do you want ME to do? I didn't rent you this unit, its not mine, and its really not my fault this is happening. I'm trying to HELP you. I don't work out of that location, yes we are all the same company but we do things differently since we are different stores!

~~~Wow, its been a while since I've posted...working 50 hours a week plus barn time will do that too ya I guess. I've been trying to keep up with the friends list...I'm not real active lately, sorry everyone!
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32 days. About a month and I will be a college graduate. And then hopefully a grad student. And this scares the shit out of me let me tell you. The real world is a scary place. One that I'm not sure I'm really ready for.

Tho I am definitely glad to be done with school soon. For the summer anyhow. This semester hasn't been horrible like I thought but now that its drawing to a close all the shit is being piled on and I'm longing for the end.

May 1 soon?
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Yay for a productive day! Course if I wasn't such a procrastinator I wouldn't have had so much to do...but thats besides the point lol

I got the FAFSA done, my grad app to University of Toledo, some studying done, and a good chunk of my knitted dalek. All while watching the olympics :)

Yay for productivity!
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Happy New Year!! May 2010 bring us all good tidings and happiness!!
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So I was riding the bus home from class today and as we entered a housing area the stop before mine, this guy comes running out of his apartment and flags the bus down. He walks in and sits across from me. So of course I look over at see that he was wearing a long brown coat, a brown pinstriped suit, and burgandy trainers. It totally made my day :D
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So physics test didn't go so well....and I'm not really sure how well the philosophy test went :/  Too bad we can't go through classes without exams...that might be fun lol.

So anyway, since I am a horrible procrastinator, I spent some time on texts from last night, which let me tell you is a great way to lift my mood :D

(313): No, a stripper letting you buy her dinner is not the same as a girlfriend.

(320): Woke up. Made a pizza. Burnt it. Going back to bed cuz today sucks

(412): im walking the streets of bville with a bag of cat food..looking for my car. i dont ever want to turn 21 again.     :D

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So I'm back at GVSU for one more year. It's really weird to be considered a think that this is my last year as an undergrad. And very scarey to think about what I'm gonna do after it. Especially with my crap of a degree.. but oh well.

So I had my first nutrition class this morning. Everyone I've talked to has said that the prof that I have is....not great, to be nice. I mean, I didn't try to find someone else because, A oh well, and B its kinda hard this late in the semester anyway. So I just figured I would do my best. I seem to pick bad time slots a lot so I'm kinda used to it.  So the prof was introducing himself, and was talking about himself and made a comment about how he's heard all the same things about himself that we have. I kinda felt bad for him, since there are not so nice things that are said about him, and I know ratemyprofessor is probably really bad....and its not like its a secret from the profs. At the same time though, I mean if hes heard that a lot of people dislike the way he does things, maybe he should do something about that. I'm all for remaining strong in your beleifs, don't get me wrong or anything. But if a good number of people are having issues, maybe he should attempt to make it a little easier for people to suceed.
    but then again, thats just me :).  There endeth my rant for the day. 
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Suddenly all my bad work days don't seem quite so bad

Epic Truck Fail

Thank you Fail Blog :)

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So 1 to 10 hay bales....pretty easy.  15 to 30 still pretty good.  400+.....not so good.

Don't get me wrong, there were 6 of us and it needed to be done before the rain comes in tomorrow. But still : I hate lofting hay bales

I'm gonna be a real fun person to be around tomorrow....
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Dear Coworkers:

When the 'Employee's Only' bathroom has the light on and the door shut that usually means that someone is IN there! It does not mean "hey lets try the door just in case it might be a mistake" or even better "lets just walk in like the door was open wide!"

No love,
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so according to this article, the skull that David Tennant used during his stint as Hamlet last year was a real skull. That's all well and great and everything but uh, EWWWWW
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So ever since I saw a clip of John Barrowman and Ruthie Henshall doing 'Anything you can do I can do better' from the Sound of Musicals on YouTube, I've loved Ruthie Henshall. I think I've seen every clip of her that is on YouTube (just about every one of John thats up too). And I've been on a Les Mis kick lately too, particularly the soundtrack/clips from the 10th Anniversary Concert. And yet I just realized today that Ruthie played Fantine in that concert *facepalm*
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2 Days!!!!!!!  3 til I start work!!
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I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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At General RV, I worked last summer as the Renals Assistant. I was in the office one day a week, while the rest I was out cleaning RVs, as well as showing renters how to use them. It wasn't too bad and it made pretty good money.
BUT!!!! I called the HR woman, cause I my boss left over the winter. and she said she was hiring....for his job!!!! I would be in the office all the time doing the parts I actually liked, the paperwork and bookings and the like. I wouldn't have to clean at all!!!! The hours would kind of suck since I would be working 39 hours a week, just under full time so they wouldn't have to give me benefits, not to mention its a 9-6 job 2 days a week and 11 - 6 the rest, including a Saturday. I would get Thursdays off though which would let me get my volunteering done.  But I mean, a 21 year old as a Rentals Manager?? I'm so excited!!!

Now I just have to wait for Melissa to call me back...she said she had to talk to our General Manager first. He's not the nicest person ever...but I'm already trained pretty much, and I'm sure he wouldn't be paying me as much as he would be paying Jim if he was still hopefully I'll get it!!!!!!!!!

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I love David Tennant. I really do, I mean look at my lj lol. I am such a fangirl its scary.  But some of the things he wears...... I mean really??

pic!spam by [ profile] beagleinspace 

Really?? o_0

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