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So I'm back at GVSU for one more year. It's really weird to be considered a think that this is my last year as an undergrad. And very scarey to think about what I'm gonna do after it. Especially with my crap of a degree.. but oh well.

So I had my first nutrition class this morning. Everyone I've talked to has said that the prof that I have is....not great, to be nice. I mean, I didn't try to find someone else because, A oh well, and B its kinda hard this late in the semester anyway. So I just figured I would do my best. I seem to pick bad time slots a lot so I'm kinda used to it.  So the prof was introducing himself, and was talking about himself and made a comment about how he's heard all the same things about himself that we have. I kinda felt bad for him, since there are not so nice things that are said about him, and I know ratemyprofessor is probably really bad....and its not like its a secret from the profs. At the same time though, I mean if hes heard that a lot of people dislike the way he does things, maybe he should do something about that. I'm all for remaining strong in your beleifs, don't get me wrong or anything. But if a good number of people are having issues, maybe he should attempt to make it a little easier for people to suceed.
    but then again, thats just me :).  There endeth my rant for the day. 
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